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"How to explain art to a chicken" video art, 2013 By Ynin Shillo

Ynin Shillo (born 1960) is a conceptual interdisciplinary artist

In 1990's, Shillo received a grant from the Jerusalem Municipality, Urban studio. In the studio Shillo created oil paintings on canvas, large-dimension works, collage and assemblage. In 1994, out of a growing need to be filled with new stimulation, rising of spirituality and what will be called here in the prosaic name of " excessive painting ", he burned all of his pieces - there were dozens of canvases and drawings - and left to what eventually became fifteen years of wandering in Israel and in Europe with no possessions, no money and no identification papers when all that he had on him was his sleeping bag, a violin and a Torah book.  This journey was largely in seclusion, away from human society.
At the end of those fifteen years, in 2010 he came back to live in Jerusalem and to permanent dealing with plastic arts. 

"The speed and striking talent in which he broke with into the center of local artistic practice, both in the material and in spirit, should be understood as a genuine and personal synthesis from the wealth of life experiences that are reflected more and more in every new piece of his work, that is pot together continuously and consistently as a development with deep inner logic." 
"Shillo interactively creates by using the various mediums of visual arts: painting,, photography, sound, dramaturgy, directing, installation and performance that creates complex sequence of images lying on one another which forms a psychic and symbolic rich multidimensional compositions."
"Ynin Shillo's art is charged with local pure substance elements, both ancient and contemporary, and in theological and Genealogical materials, dealing with issues of 'man- place - Language' at this time, substances that are very tense between holism and deconstruction."
(Novelist Albert Suisa on the artist Ynin Shillo)

Selection of exhibitions from the recent years includes 
Concordia Film | Theater | Expositie,Enschede, Holland 2016 ; Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2016 ; Global Village By Sticihing White Cube Gallery: Denmark, Germany and Holland 2016 ; 2015- Solo Exhibition "Longing", "The Tower of David Museum": Main venue of "The Jerusalem Biennale"; CICA Museum, New Media Exhibition, Korea 2015 ; "Embassy for Water", Sydney Australia 2015 ; Winner of the LORENZO IL MAGNIFICO Prize ;2015 Was elected to represent Israel by the Florence Biennale's International selection committee at the X Edition of The Florence Biennale ; 2013-2014, Elected to the International Exposure project and Isra - Drama By The Drama Center on the name of Hanoch Levin, The Rabinovich Foundation & The Israeli playwrights Association ; Initiator and Curator of the "AVI Festival" (Art Video International).

No animals were harmed in the making of this video.

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