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by Tushar Jain

t he

c  o  nduc tor


 f   r   om


 th     e



      h    as


d        rag      g            e     d


   sand                             t       o


                                        t    h                                 e


                                             c   oncert

t he


    am  ber    s              a             n                              d


                           is     every  where


                                                                   r       uns a         mock       ;

                                                                                t   he


                                                                                    am     per     s               a           n ds


                                                                                                                        a re      in

                                                                             his            poc  k et    s

                                                                                   hi  s    oc   k s

                                                                                               c   o                  a            t

                                                                      t              o e    s


                        t           h               e                              orches    ra        w    a     i    ts

           t he                  condu  ctor                i             gnore    s

                                                                                  t    he    g     ra           i          n y


             am          p                         e            r       s                          a                     n                                   ds









                                                                                              raise s

                                                                                           h e


                                                                                            conjuncts                        ;

Tushar Jain is an Indian poet, playwright, and author. He was the winner of the Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry Prize, 2012 and a winner of the Poetry with Prakriti Prize, 2013. Subsequently, he won the RL Poetry Award, 2014. He was a winner of the DWL Short Story Contest 2014 for his short story "A humiliating day for [Dr.] Balachander". He won the Toto Funds the Arts Award for Creative Writing, 2016. His work has been published in myriad international journals such as Antiserious, thenervousbreakdown, raedleafpoetry, papercuts, and elsewhere.

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