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Presentism Core

by LindaAnn Lo Schiavo


Today Beiss began raving, mentioning
Gene Tierney, how Clark Gable had to save
Her from the Russians. None of it made sense.
No one had heard of Hollywood noir films.
We watched approved beam-ins like everyone.
No point in choosing since it came to you,
Selected, tabulated. And why think
About the pirated alternatives?

“She starred in one with Dana Andrews where
They thought she had been killed. Then she turns up.”  

Her madness and out-talking ought to be
Reported to the Presentism Core.
They’d handle it. Beiss would be disappeared.

But she was family and blood’s cocoon
Protects us from outside interference.

“It’s Gene! I feel her astral presence here!”
She’s beckoning us to a brighter sphere,
Mists spitting in her face like pissed-off ghosts.

Native New Yorker LindaAnn Lo Schiavo is completing her 2nd documentary film on Texas Guinan [1884-1933] and dodging gun-molls in Shubert Alley and in decommissioned speakeasies.
She also just starred in a documentary about Greenwich Village that will be screened in June 2017.
To revive her spirits, she puts pen to paper.
101 Fiction, Hawaii Review, Ink & Letters, Metamorphose, Measure, Mused, Peacock Journal, Windhover, and Nous are recent credits.

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