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Two Poems by stephanie roberts



Lovers Quarrel



so the sun said

& the stars salted fight

so the moon said

so weary

sadness filled the dawning.


dia-mond dia-mond dia-mond

stars chanted


or mumbled ashamed.


(is it love)


the sun manages against her nature

a question mark


(not again)

the sun manages.

(the stars never really cared.)


then the moon

(his smile broken in half)

with & without sun said,

there is no help for any of it.

these estrangements

arranging derangements

orbit forever.

April Finally



these mornings are granulated sugar earth

geese barking home

sweet robin song

& war.


you & i are fire and fire

is the cliché

when all i want

is push


of your freezing soil

as lime gentle bud

of promise


counter to bait & provocations

that vex us.


                i've given up

being tame



the liberty


Tiger of Dragons


uninhibited claw

& flame


light of the jungle.



stephanie roberts has been featured in numerous journals, in North America and Europe, including Verse Daily, The Stockholm Review of Literature, Arcturus, Crannóg, Atlanta Review, L'Éphémère Review and elsewhere. She is a 2018 Pushcart Prize nominee and self-published author of the poetry collection, The Melting Potential of Fire, and a book of short stories, As We Are. Twitter/Instagram @ringtales


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