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Two Poems by Jarrod Lacy



Curb a Little Carcass



Cold, mashed meow cry out off the sidewalk,

guess a piece o' side trash, mat-flat - heaven

has another scratcher, and all that.


Some driver didn't want to swerve or

crash, or kitty just bit it, lay to dash.


No courtesy, no mercy.

No swan song was the controversy.


Guess, he, she was trying to cross

the street, maybe scavenging for eats,

when wham, a life slammed, an

out-of-fur experience would be a

long purr, wind, sad hymn -


Been there a little autumn and probably

all winter, without being scooped up

by the city pickers.


Right there on the corner for exit

traffic, a slump at the front door,

but a convenient store.


Damned dead cat.

Death is a Hazmat.



Originally published in Out Loud HSV: Year in Review 2016

Get Off the Gas



Lion, dwelling in a plastic jungle, your survival will never

reach a minimum.

This is not a playpen or a play date filled, sponsored by a

desire in a dream guiding your flattened will to sleepwalk.

Everywhere you step squeaks and you laugh about it

nonchalantly, forgetting livelihood is nearly off a boat.

You are about to kiss a capsize.

While you're always on and rabidly verbose, opposing

traffic traverses over your habits and will eventually

rack your throat.

Your life expectancy is a dairy product left outside in the sun

at high noon in Texas.

You're about to be outta here sooner than you may have


However, nonetheless, you're dancing, dreaming of beaming

all of yourself a strobe for masses that remain clothed, still and

unlit, and will leave you scrounging for floppy, red shoes.

They cackle, you burn out, they live in green, you're

whitened over with no dignity on the scene.



Lifelong Huntsville, Alabama native and former employee of its now-defunct newspaper, The Huntsville Times, Jarrod Lacy is a late-bloomer and Gen Xer who deems himself a simple explanatory poet of varied subjects, who was inspired by the likes of James Emanuel, Sylvia Plath, Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks, Chief Dan George, Arthur Rimbaud, Federico García Lorca and Essex Hemphill. He enjoys light reading, thought-provoking movies, favors 80's and 90's anime and animation, creating his own comic book super heroes, good music, bicycling, observing nature, occasional cooking, being a critic, and lots of alone time. Jarrod is currently working on his first book of poetry, acting on his third attempt at writing one poem a day for a year, and hopes to complete his first novel.


Additional: He has had poems published in the 2013 issue of IMPACT Magazine, an online publication, and most recently, in Out Loud: HSV: A Year in Review 2016 and 2017, and is currently on verge of making future submissions, Aside from posting his more compact poetry on Instagram, he be found on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and he desperately needs to get back into habit of posting regularly on his blog, "Jams and Journeys."

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