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Priestess & Hierophant Press
Priestess & Hierophant Press

Darkly Told, an audio chapbook, collects a series of darkly fantastical and horrific poetry by P&H co-founder Alicia Cole.  These eight poems collect works from Mythic Delirium, Punchnel's, and Phantom Kangaroo, among other publications, with new and reworked poems.  From the witch's oven to interstellar genocide, Darkly Told will bring your heart surging through a dark and gruesome mindscape: one where everything sweet is rotten, everything sacred really profane.  Original poetry and concept by award-nominated author Alicia Cole.  Poetry recordings by award-winning author C.S.E. Cooney.  Original musical score by electronic futurist duo Memory Splice.  Original artwork by Sara Wilson.


Track 1:


$10 + $2.40 for tax and S&H in the United States; S&H separate invoice international.  Individual and bonus track donloads available on Bandcamp.



Deadline Anthology #2 - the follow-up sequential art/fiction/poetry anthology to #1, self-published by a troupe of up-and-comers.  Launched the publishing careers of Alicia Cole, Academy Award Nominee Ed Siomacco, and Zine Arts Legend Lance Simmons.  Contains a rare, never-before-seen sketch (with personal emailed permission to reproduce) from Eisner Award Winner Jason Lutes, creator of Jar of Fools and Berlin.  

$20 + $3.00 for tax and S&H in the US; separate invoice outside.


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