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UPDATE 10.30.19

A special holiday release: Skeltios!  Just a little something I put together, with a poem by Henry Wadsworth 

Longfellow.  Issue 6 is coming along.  Should be out by the end of 2019.  Enjoy everyone.  Happy Samhain!

UPDATE 9.12.2019

I am very behind with submissions replies due to certain things, illness among them.  I am slowly catching up, and am hopeful about being ready to roll publishing-wise by the end of the month into mid-October.  If 

you've queried, bear with me, as I'm behind there also.  All best.


Awards Nominations


The Dwarf Star Awards

The fabulist of familiars, poetry, Meg Smith

Added to Best New Poets

The Rhysling Award

Pouring the Pennyroyal - Andrea Blythe & Laura Madeline Wiseman

Best New Poets

Jarrod Lacy - Get Off the Gas

Casey FitzSimons - Light


The Pushcart Prize

Heat Lightning, poetry, by F.J. Bergmann

Stung, poetry, by Vivian Wagner

Curb a Little Carcass, poetry, by Jarrod Lacy

April Finally, poetry, by stephanie roberts

Light, poetry, by Casey FitzSimons

Ballerina Brain, fiction, by Jenna Fox

Best of the Net

Lost Causes, poetry, Vivian Wagner

Get Off the Gas, poetry, Jarrod Lacy

April Finally, poetry, stephanie roberts

The fabulist of familiars, poetry, Meg Smith

The Rhysling Awards

Baalberith, poetry, Robert Beveridge

2017 (waaaay late due to illness)

The Pushcart Prize

The Hay is Blue, poetry, Laura Eklund

Pages, poetry, Tom Zimmerman

Tigers in Cages, poetry, stephanie roberts

&, poetry, Tushar Jain

The Sending, poetry, F.J. Bergmann

If I Began to be a Kind of Magical Guest, Then Others Work There, poetry, Laura  Madeline Wiseman

Best of the Net

Crustacea, poetry, Ann Huang

Frontier, poetry, George Eklund

The Hay Is Blue, poetry, Laura Eklund

Pages, poetry, Tom Zimmerman

Tigers in Cages, poetry, stephanie roberts

The Sending, poetry, F.J. Bergmann

The Black Gazebo, fiction, Kirby Wright

UPDATE 12.27.18  Due to financial constraints, we've gone online only.  Issue 6: A Returning opens January 1st, 2019!

UPDATE 6.22.18  A day late but not a dollar short, Issue 5: Darkness and Light is live.  Submissions for the 2019 annual will open shortly.

UPDATE 11.10.17  Updated the submission guidelines, made some minor edits around the site.

UPDATE 7.30.17  As an FYI, while P&H is viewable via mobile, it's optimized for desktop/laptop.

UPDATE 7.30.17  Issue 4: A Reaping has arrived.  This issue marks a year of publication; thank you to everyone who's been involved, in any capacity!  This issue also marks two changes for the journal.

1) Priestess & Hierophant Presents will now be an annual, which will also be anthologized. The theme is Darkness and Light.  The submission window opens on August 1, 2017, and closes March 1, 2018.  Publication will be Summer Solstice 2018 (July 21, 2018).

2) I'm now accepting literary submissions.  I've published several on-the-line works this past year and feel it's time to branch out a bit.  Note: I prefer literary speculative works and works that skate the line of speculative.  I also love magic realism.  If you have a literary submission that you feel meets P&H's aesthetic, please submit.

UPDATE 6.4.17  Issue 3: A Beckoning has arrived.  Apologies for the lateness, but May was really difficult with work and health problems. 

UPDATE 4.17.17.  Issue 3: A Beckoning is shaping up and will launch on May 1st.  I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I'm looking forward to delivering this new issue!

UPDATE 1.21.17.  Issue 2: A Becoming will be launching soon, on February 1st.  Submissions for Issue 3: A Beckoning will open on the

publication of Issue 2. 

I found myself wondering if people were curious about the page background.  It's not a Sweeney Todd reference, just a nod to the busy nature of barber shops.  They're always under construction.  Also, my great-grandfather was a barber.  So, clarification!

UPDATE 1.5.17.  Submissions are now closed for Issue 2: A Becoming.  Thank you for sticking with me through the submission lurches.  I'm ironing out this process in this first year and am hurdling through the mistakes.  Expect smoother waters.

UPDATE: 10.31.16  1: An Offering is live as of Monday, October 31st, 2016.  All Hallow's Eve!  Enjoy the thin veil. 

Submissions for Issue 2: A Becoming are open and rolling.   

UPDATE: 8.8.16 I'm looking for a few more poets for 1: An Offering. 

Extended to August 31st.  Bring your best, your most transcendent, your most punching.

​​​​UPDATE: 6.6.16 In one short, wonderful leap, we launched!  "Darkly Told" has been getting positive reviews from press and fans alike, with more on the way.  But, it's been a bumpity ride since last year's World Horror Con. 

Instead of the announcement of this year's publishing roster, at least partial, I'm announcing that I've spent the last 5.5 months transient or homeless.  Whoah.  What an experience.  So, things are going a little differently now.  I'm looking for both individual manuscripts and shorter submissions for an online component that I'll later anthologize; so, it's two works that I'll be putting together between now and June 2017. 

If you submitted previously, my sincere apologies; I lost two computers and two phones, and need you to resubmit.  Thanks for sticking with me. 

Please see the submissions page for updated guidelines, particularly in regards to online work. 

UPDATE: 5.7.15 Priestess & Hierophant Press launches at the World Horror Con in Atlanta, GA!  

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